Sep 25, 2005
Yesterday was the finals of the Rockout Productions 2005 Battle of the Bands, and SEER was the winner! Also, in the new issue of Goodtimes Magazine (that is out 9/27/2005), there is an exclusive interview with us. Please check it out!

Aug 22, 2005
We would like to extend a huge thanks to you all for supporting us and helping us advance to the final round of Rockout Productions 2005 Long Island Battle of the Bands. See live section for more info.

Aug 15, 2005
Thanks to all of you guys, we've moved on in the Rockout Productions Long Island Battle of the Bands to round 3! The next round is this weekend. See live section for details on this show. Please continue your support. The competition is getting steeper and steeper in each round and we could really use you guys there to cheer, scream, and vote for us!

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